Friday, October 1, 2010

blogger's block, other things

I've been really busy recently, with a friend in town for a week, dealing with my ear infection and subsequent antibiotic-induced illness, and trying to combat a depressive writer's slump commonly known as "block." I've just been feeling sort of uninspired, like I'm not sure where to focus my energy. What I have been doing: reading a lot and writing a lot for work.

I wrote the culture page for Gotham's October issue, which drops today. Our cover star is Jon Hamm (Don Draper FTW) and I interviewed Galt Niederhoffer, one of the screenwriters for Prozac Nation and more recently the author of the novel The Romantics, about the film coming out based on her book. You can see the page here.

My latest column in The Local Voice talks a bit about my recent brief visit to an NYC emergency room, unwanted touching from strangers on subways, and the mystery of being a human being. You know, the usual stuff you talk about with people while The Price Is Right plays in the background.

PS, Happy October everyone! My favorite time of year is soon approaching. Scarves and coffees and boots FTW.

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