Tuesday, January 25, 2011

published in amphibi.us

I went to the NYC Department of Housing and Community Renewal today to ask them a question about my apartment building. I walked in and I was convinced it was the bleakest office in New York. It was fluorescent, not just the lights but everything, and there were no books or magazines. You had to talk to the government through a large Plexiglas sheet, and there was a sign on it that said NO EATING, like a zoo. The office is on Beaver Street, so animals were a theme.

After waiting for about 15 minutes a woman waved me in and talked to me for another 20 in fragmented sentences. She curtly asked me to quit clicking my pen. She asked me for a different phone number than the cell I offered her because, she said, the city of New York cannot make long-distance phone calls. I could see the sky through a window, it was very gray outside but the snow had stopped. She went to make a photocopy and I absent-mindedly checked my e-mail and I had an acceptance from Amphibi.us, an online poetry journal. I walked in me and walked out me, but a different me, a published poet me. The fluorescent cooked me like plaster, in the most brilliant, beautiful, living art I have yet experienced.

Monday, January 17, 2011

winter solstice

The winter really affects me. I wish it didn't, and I suppose I could power through if I really tried, but mostly I just end up depressed and/or unmotivated to do anything but curl up with a book or a movie. Anyway, 2011 so far has underwhelmed me, but January always underwhelms me. I can't remember a stellar January, ever.

A couple sort of cool things, though. Skins premieres on MTV tonight and I interviewed the cast and creator, which was extremely cool. I've seen the first couple of episodes and I really like it, perhaps despite myself. It makes me long for teenagedom, doing stupid shit and raging with hormones and living a completely free life. I think even for people like me who don't actively long for the high school glory days, we spend a large part of our adult lives trying to recapture that spirit. Anyway, here's the story.

I also interviewed SNL's Seth Meyers for the February issue. I obvs have a huge crush on him so you can imagine my excitement about this. My dream is that Meyers will find my Stefon Twitter and invite me on SNL Weekend Update to battle the real Stefon. For now, I will settle for talking to him.

More to come soon, I hope. I made ice cream out of snow the other day. It was awesome.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

eternity is in the snow

Because I lack inspiration as of late, in an attempt to reconcile my relationship with snow, here is a video of me frolicking in it. I made an infinity sign by accident, prompting me like a double rainbow to ask, what does it mean???

Sunday, January 2, 2011

i shoot the lights out

I woke up this morning and I had a headache and my whole body hurt. Two nights ago I rode a mechanical bull in fishnets and sequins; I wasn't even drunk, I just wanted to do it. I stayed on for 55 seconds and I have a big bruise on the inside of my right thigh, but it was fun. Kanye West's song 'All of the Lights' was playing, my favorite one on the album, and it seemed like a sign, an appropriate way to round out New Year's Eve, begin 2011. The thing about that song is that Alicia Keys and Elton John both sing on it, but their parts are tiny and they're not credited. I didn't know until later. The thing about riding a mechanical bull is that no matter how hard you squeeze your thighs together, you're going to fall off. It's inevitable.

Patti Smith once said about New Year's Day, so as today, the rest of the year. Meaning whatever you do on that day, you will do for the rest of the year. I don't know if it's true though, and it makes me anxious. I slept until 1:30 on New Year's Day and then showered and put on a full face of makeup and sat around watching a movie and just nothing particularly interesting happened. Then later before dinner we were all talking about resolutions and sort of went around in a circle stating them as fact. All I could say is I want to make more money in 2011. Which is true, but really what I want for 2011 is to do more than I talk, and to start surrounding myself with doers, weeding out the talkers. I felt bad all day yesterday because I can tell 2011 is going to be a year of difficult decisions.

When 2010 started, I had no confidence that it would be an amazing year. I didn't think it would be bad, it's more like I didn't think about it, I just moved forward and did stuff and then amazing things started happening. I did a lot in 2010, produced a lot of work, and I'm happy about that, and I feel thankful. But in its aftermath I feel a pressure that I didn't expect to feel. I'm trying to force myself to be positive going into 2011, but in a way it feels false. My dreams are bigger than ever, so the pressure follows suit. Last night we went dancing and it was so crowded and hot and a large man stepped on my little toe and it hurt really bad and I limped home alone and thought, what if I never make myself stand out.

I don't think this year is going to be bad, but I can feel that it's going to be hard. I believe in my purpose and I will do anything to achieve it, and when that's your starting point, you know it's going to be hard, people are going to get hurt. I'm not a good diplomat. Someone once told me I seem to care about no one but myself, but I think that's just a burden ambitious women carry a lot of the time. Is wanting to achieve a dream fundamentally selfish, and is being selfish even a bad thing, or is it a mindwash? My dreams are my dreams, but it's not about me crossing a finish line. There is no finish line, it's a basic truth about art, it just keeps on going.

Change is coming, I feel it. All I have is my faith, and the knowledge that I can use lessons learned thus far to deal with things yet to come. And a belief in myself and my purpose. I don't really have resolutions for 2011, because resolving takes time and we're only two days in. My only thought so far is to be brave, but careful and smart, with myself and with others. Things have to change, not because 2010 was bad, but because it was so good. And because things always have to change. That's a given, the challenge is to avoid becoming a monster.