Monday, January 17, 2011

winter solstice

The winter really affects me. I wish it didn't, and I suppose I could power through if I really tried, but mostly I just end up depressed and/or unmotivated to do anything but curl up with a book or a movie. Anyway, 2011 so far has underwhelmed me, but January always underwhelms me. I can't remember a stellar January, ever.

A couple sort of cool things, though. Skins premieres on MTV tonight and I interviewed the cast and creator, which was extremely cool. I've seen the first couple of episodes and I really like it, perhaps despite myself. It makes me long for teenagedom, doing stupid shit and raging with hormones and living a completely free life. I think even for people like me who don't actively long for the high school glory days, we spend a large part of our adult lives trying to recapture that spirit. Anyway, here's the story.

I also interviewed SNL's Seth Meyers for the February issue. I obvs have a huge crush on him so you can imagine my excitement about this. My dream is that Meyers will find my Stefon Twitter and invite me on SNL Weekend Update to battle the real Stefon. For now, I will settle for talking to him.

More to come soon, I hope. I made ice cream out of snow the other day. It was awesome.


  1. At the risk of sounding childish, UK Skins is sooooo much better than the US version. We ruined it.

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  3. The ice cream looks fantastic! (In the spirit of January, I would love ice cream and several hours to read a book: boo having to get up and do things.)