Friday, November 12, 2010

inside the franco: a dirty tale set on the nyc subway platform

 I thought I just saw James Franco on the subway platform. I imagined James Franco boarding my car and me saying to him, you're James Franco, and him saying, yes. And me telling James Franco I was coming to see him tomorrow night, I had a ticket. And James Franco asking me what I was doing today and me saying, going to work. Him asking me where I work and me telling him. James Franco asking me to play hooky. Cut to us sitting in a diner, drinking coffee across a table. Him telling me, this isn't about sex, and me saying, right because you have a girlfriend. Him saying, no because I'm gay.


  1. Don't you just love it when your imagination runs away with you?

  2. So Meghan, did you enjoy James' talk at Inside the Actors' Studio? The surprise appearance of his brother Dave? Did they mention an ETA air date? (Keep on writing, you're a talented young lady!)

  3. Hi James Franco News! hahaha. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed. And no ETA air date mentioned. But I will keep my ears open.

    And thank you :)