Monday, May 23, 2011


Oh yeah, mein blog! Just a small post to update y'all on some shit I've been doing that has been exciting!

Number one, I interviewed Lady Gaga's  musical director Fernando Garibay. I KNOW. I basically shit my pants. He was so sweet and humble and told me so much about how BORN THIS WAY was produced. It was recorded on the road all over the world while Gaga was on tour.  My favorite quote from him: “Picture this,” he begins. “Gaga’s walking off stage—she’s pumped full of adrenaline—she comes in, and we start. I play her these chords, and immediately she’s like, ‘Put up the mic!’ And off the cuff, from her head, she recites this whole song.” 

I've started writing for Thought Catalog. I've written a few pieces. It's fun.

There's a new East Village-based lit journal called The Vein and they published a couple of my poems.

The most surreal thing ever, my piece "2011: Gagalations" will be studied as a part of Dr. Victor P. Corona's Sociology of Culture course at Columbia University this summer. My weird nerdy high school brain teachers would be so proud of me.

I've started practicing yoga and in just a few weeks it has changed my life.
Gaga sings about St. Jerome's in HEAVY METAL LOVER. Bestill my heart.
I will be in attendance at Gags' GMA performance in Central Park this Friday.
I'm a warrior queen.
New York is not just a tan that you'll never lose.
Fleet Week begins Wednesday.


  1. AHH You are so freaking lucky.

  2. What a freaky B&W picture are becoming quite the gal about town. New York has changed the southern gal!

  3. I really am, Eeshie! <3

    Haha what's freaky out my demiskull? ;) NYC hasn't changed me, just made me more myself.

  4. An interview with Lady Gaga's "leading man" is such an accomplishment. Wow!

    Cathy@embroidery digitizing