Monday, January 19, 2009

Hello from DC

So tomorrow is the big day. A and I went to The Mall yesterday -- just in time to see the very end of Beyonce's performance in the big concert honoring Obama's inauguration -- to check out where we will be standing on Tuesday. We didn't have the seating/standing map with us and our iPhones were failing us, so we just kind of walked the length of The Mall, up to the reflecting pool, and around the side of the Capitol, taking notes of the cross streets for later reference. The reflecting pool is, like, really close to the Capitol, and my exact words to him were: "If we are standing in front of this pool, I will probably shit myself." To which he responded, "I'm not sure how I feel about that. Maybe we should stand farther back."

Anyway A sent me a text from work this morning (I am at home allegedly working on an edit test for a freelance position I applied for last week) that said: "We are on the Capitol side of the reflecting pool." I had a small heart attack. Here is a map, for your reference:

I had to crop the map down for blogging purposes, but you get the idea: the reflecting pool is right behind the west standing section, where we will be. Right in front of us is the seated center section, then a couple staircases, and then the Capitol. Holy shiiiiiiit.

Possibly the best birthday gift ever.

Majorly yours.

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