Tuesday, June 1, 2010

memorial day weekend in photos (and some words and photos of words)

What a joy to look ahead to read into the signs of your future. So much happiness is in store for you that the most brillantly lighted stars will be put to shame by the brightness of your life. Ah, this is not all caused by sheer good luck. Nay, nay my friend, your perseverance, your clever ways of handling your domestic problems and your sincerity in dealing with others are pointing the way to their reward. Some strangers will urge you to get involved in a gambling proposition. Avoid this, and you will be forever grateful. "Oh, happiness, what an elusive thing you are. But thank God you were born beneath its star."


  1. I've never been to Coney Island but seriouisly I have to go soon!! These pictures are so random & awesome! I love that quote too. I'm going to write that one down! have a good week!

  2. oooh...i like seeing this side of you!

  3. GODDAMN we are hipsters. I love it.