Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dunkin' Sonnets

Sadly, thanks to my travels in August totally kicking my ass, I am now addicted to coffee. For the past couple weeks I've gotten a cup of Dunkin' everyday at work - and I thought I might as well make something good out of a caffeine addiction, yeah?

This is just the first line of what I hope will become a sonnet. Yeahhhhhh I know it's almostbutnotquite iambic pentameter, but whatevz. I blame the fact that I was still near the top of the cup when I did this. I'll continue the sonnet one post a week, or more often if I feel like it. There's no shortage of coffee cups to choose from.

i love you already, from afar


  1. I think caffeine addiction is a prerequisite to being an official New Yorker. It's on the exam.

  2. A life without coffee is a life I don't even want to think about.