Wednesday, August 11, 2010

the internet is making us all worse artists

Sometimes I read the comments on other people's writing,
Poring over twisty noodles mixed with olive oil and parmesan cheese (the cheap kind),
Mixed with turkey sausage and sauteed pears (I ran out of onions),
And I say aloud,
"Fuck them. I'm not like that. And I shouldn't try to be."

I know I'm right,
But it's the same fucking people (or bots, or what have you) who make me upset
When they don't comment on my writing.

Everyday, everyday,
I tell myself it takes years to complete a masterpiece,
Then I google how long it took Picasso to paint Guernica:
One month.

One month.
My ears are popping.
One month.
Fuck the Internet.


  1. I have absolutely no idea how I discovered your blog but I am in love with this post.

  2. It's easier to create a masterpiece in one month when you're not trekking to a job, not distracted by texts, not juggling social engagements related to the departure of friends and collaborators, not LOLing on gchat because you have to or your conversation partner will get all offended and believe you don't love them anymore because you're not engaged in their chatting.

    Now go google how long it took everyone else to create their masterpieces.

    Don't let an anomaly break you.

  3. It took Picasso his entire life to paint Guernica. Everything before was all style, flair. He was doing photo realistic still life's when he was seven, but they didn't mean anything. After Guernica Picasso receded, doing mostly minor works into his old age; cheery and ugly.

    Picasso was 56.