Monday, February 9, 2009

The chair as a symbol, part 2

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a chair.

Well, I mean, I made a down payment of $17 on a $60 chair. I talked him down from $100! Here is the chair, in all its unimpressive glory, turned on its side and wrapped in plastic.

Plz to take me home and unwrap me? Twhs

Last night was a really hard night for me. I went to bed after midnight, then woke up again at around 1:30, then again around 3:30, then 4:30, and I didn't go back to sleep again. I just decided to get up around 7:20, instead of my normal rising time of about 8:10. I was having a bunch of stress dreams about the job hunt and continually being rejected. I went to work exhausted, then there was no cream for the office coffee. Sad day.

Then toward the end of the day, after I wrote a story and went to an edit meeting, both with about the same lackadaisical (OMGz that word is so hard to spell) attitude, I decided to change my mind and be positive. In the edit meeting one of my bosses was like, 'So, Meghan, do you have anything? Anything to add?' I was embarrassed to say no, except some viral videos I had found and was going to send to her as ideas for the site.

Since I started the internship, I've had the wrong attitude. Oh, it's only part-time. Oh, it doesn't pay, so why should I make an effort? The answer is I should make an effort because: what else have I got to do? Yes, I'm unemployed. But half-assing my internship certainly isn't going to change that. So this afternoon I had a change of mind and decided to give it my all, despite the lack of pay. I typed up the notes I had taken at the edit meeting and sent them to the editors, without having to be asked. It's a small thing but it seemed like they appreciated it.

So the picture above is just the chairy on top of my ice cream sunday. OMGGGG I'm too good. Or bad. You decide.

I still have to schedule movers some time this week, and get the thing from E 10th to E 118th st, but I have high hopes. I will certainly upload after pics, and I fully expect them to be more impressive than the before pic above.

Until next time.


  1. i will tell the kiddies you got a chair. they will be happy. they were very worried about your chair. and i'm not being sarcastic

  2. You are doing it right. Just hang in there! Being in a new city alone is stressful with the added bonus of being recent to the real world and job stuff.

    Can you get a zipcar to move it?