Thursday, April 8, 2010

the last three letters in poetry are "try"

I never finished the book/I found it boring
It's kind of like that book Flatland
You know
You probably read it in college
I'm the 3D sphere
Descending from above
And you're the 2D (1D?) line guy
Yeah, I just compared myself to God
So what?
But, really, listen
I am thick and my lines are soft
I am mysterious
I am filled with unknown things
And before you met me
You didn't even have a concept of "filled"
Because you're the 2D (1D?)
I can't fucking remember
You're the line guy
No curves, no mystery
You can't see things how I see them
You could barely see me
You thought I was a dot
I had to tell you what I was
But you could not understand
It's not your fault!
Don't feel bad
There were just no words in Flatland for
The dimensions that I brought
So when I told you I liked women,
You were all,
"What does 'like' mean?"
And I floated back into the sky
Now just a shrinking, shrinking dot
It's not your fault
Don't feel bad 
I don't


  1. don'tcha love it when they say "what does that mean?" well duh, if u have to ask.....
    what a kickass poem! love it.,

  2. I think you're getting there, i mean who am i to judge but i've read, believe me when i say this, really.really boring poems. So by the book.
    Your's got attitude, more like freeflow but it bites you in the butt. I enjoy reading this kinda poem.