Friday, November 20, 2009

From New York: A random childhood flashback

I was walking around the UES recently when I walked by a gym and was overjoyed to see this happening inside.

That's right, it's a group of little kids standing in a circle, holding on to the edges of a rainbow parachute and moving it up and down. I remember doing this in gym class when I was little, and it always made me so fucking happy. The colors would fly up and down as you watched your friends on the other side of the circle, and it always made the most amazing/deafening flapping, snapping sound. And sometimes - this was the best - you got to bounce balls or some other such object up and down in the middle of the parachute. God, pure happiness.

In so many ways I still feel like that little girl. So, doesn't that mean I'm sort of still entitled to a rainbow parachute? Or at least an equivalent. And I don't just mean creepily watching one through the window of an UES gym. I mean I want to feel the wind on my face and hear the flapping firsthand. Get on that, universe.


  1. My mom teaches nursery school and relives this everyday. Pure joy.