Monday, November 2, 2009

HLLWN 2009: The Preview Edition

There are a ton of photos from HLLWN for me to go through, as well as some video Z still has to edit together. But until then, just a little preview.

It's worth noting that soon after this photo was taken, or soon before, or something, a gay guy tried to make out with me. At a gay club. The following song came on, and he pushed me up against the wall and said, "Isn't this song sooo sexXxXxXyyy?!!" Well, yeah, it would be, if I were also a gay man. I forgive him, as I think he must have just been transfixed by the Gaga. I don't even have to make a bluffin' muffin joke right now, because it's just understood.

Pus pus.


  1. Excellent Gaga. I approve.

  2. Excellent Gaga. I approve.