Sunday, November 1, 2009

New York is the most beautiful place in the world

It's been a while since I posted photos of random stuff I see around the city, and I was feeling inspired today by the still-beautiful fall colors* and the marathon runners that ran right by my apartment, so I have a few photos I want to share.

Z and I were walking around SoHo the other night and we saw this display in the window of the Scholastic book store. Bet you didn't know they still made Goosebumps! I was really excited and wanted to go in just so I could run my fingers over the book covers to see if they're still all bumply like they used to be. Z vetoed me.

I'm also willing to bet you didn't know they made things like this. Seen in a wig store near Union Square.

I went to my friend's house party in Stuy Town the other night and he had this book on his coffee table. The best part is that Coolio's hair is poking through the top of his hat, Lil' Mama style. Dear Santa, Pretty please? Love, Meghan

And speaking of home decor, the other day Z and I were walking around Columbus Circle and we saw a woman selling framed New Yorker cover prints for $5 each. I got four, one for each season, and hung them on my wall above my new dresser, which, BTW, I got from a friend for $40. In order: fall, winter, spring, summer.

Here are the runners on First Avenue, near my apartment. I actually watched quite a bit of the race, sort of on accident, as I walked through Central Park. I was really moved by all the people cheering on their families and friends. I may have cried a little bit. Whatever.

Here is an artsy photograph of the Pleasant Avenue street sign on my street. I love Pleasant, though cab drivers never seem to know where it is. Last night on my way home from HLLWN festivities, I even told the driver it was to the east of First Avenue, and he still headed west. I made him stop the car, put it in reverse and turn around to go east. And trust, when Gaga is bossing you around, you fucking do what she says.

Speaking of, be prepared for a huge Gaga HLLWN post soon. Here's a little preview.

*As a side note, I've decided that if I ever find a place more beautiful than New York in the fall, I will have to move there. I don't really think such a thing is possible.


  1. Oh, I TOTALLY would've cried too. So fun to see your 1st hand glimpses of NYC. I used to visit quite often (my parents lived in Connecticut) but haven't been in years. Can't wait to see you as the amazing Lady Gaga!

  2. I'm in love with pretty much everything in this post.