Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A little piece of fall in New York

Fall is my favorite season, and always has been. It's the season with all my favorite things: HLLWN, Thanksgiving, college football, beautiful leaves, cool weather, blankets, jackets, sweaters, scarves, candy corn, and hot (though definitely not spiked) apple cider. Fall in the South is so beautiful, and I am really sad to be missing it.

But this past weekend, I took my first trip to Central Park since the season changed, and I have to say: Fall in NYC is everything I had hoped for and everything I had heard it would be, plus some. Beautiful, gorgeous, crisp, happy and inspiring. Fall is the only season I haven't yet experienced in New York; I moved up in the dead of winter, then of course subsequently lived through spring and summer. So I find fall particularly inspiring, like a totally fresh start, almost the beginning of a new year. Check it out, and keep in mind that these photos don't even come close to replicating the real thing.

This is a tree on my street. Harlem represent.

More gorgeous golden leaves on Fifth Avenue.

I wish these photos were bigger on the blog; this literally looks like a painting.

The trees look like fire, no?

The fact that this looks somewhat inappropriate is a total accident, and therefore I find it hilarious and worth including.

More fire trees and fallen leaves on the mall.

I just walked around all day thinking I wasn't actually there. It was so beautiful that it was surreal.

Another bridge, closer to the Upper West Side.

The Upper West Side over the trees.

This photo isn't particularly stunning, but it's pretty adorable. It kind of summarizes the day, because there were people walking their dogs all over the place. It was basically an infestation of adorable, and resulted in me repeatedly saying "OMGGGG look at that booboo faaaaceeeee!!!!" then tacking on a string of inaudible mumbly noises.

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  1. wow ur so lucky to have autumns...the pictures are amazing. thanks for sharing and i love the last picture too. feel like hugging the lil pup!