Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Twitter freaks

Sometimes Twitter scares me. I recently said "goddamn" in one of my tweets, and I soon saw this reply in my TwitterFox.

I didn't even know bloody_elf was following me. I clicked on the account and it was just a bunch of @replies saying similar things to everyone using the word "goddamn" on Twitter: "Swearing is not appreciated." "That is not a nice thing to say." "That is not polite." And even the somewhat threatening, "Yesterday I asked you to stop swearing, but today you did it again." (You can almost hear the whip cracking in the background, no?)

However, the elf's @reply to me is the funniest and most melodramatic. It's almost as if bloody_elf knew that I enjoy few things more than a tongue-in-cheek, completely over the top and ridonkulous statement. I also think he or she might be in cohorts with my ex, who hates the word goddamn.

Also, what is Twitter4J? The only thing that pops into my mind is Twitter 4 Jesus, in which case, 1) Freak; 2) Jesus would probs not be a proponent of spanking, in any context; and 3)It's a free goddamn country and I can goddamn say "goddamn" as much as I goddamn please, goddamnit.

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