Sunday, October 4, 2009

I still prefer a beer and whiskey on Rivington Street

GaGa was on SNL last night. I didn't catch the show live, but basically the first thing I did when I woke up this beautiful Sunday morning was check her facebook for any video updates. Now, the latest installment in a long series called "why I'm fucking obsessed with Lady GaGa and will nigh be getting a GaGa bow tattoo and prepping my HLLWN costume and oh yeah did I mention my GaGa shrine in the corner of my room?"

For this appearance, she rewrote some of the lyrics to Pokerface to reflect her love for New York City. Here they are:

Born in New York in Lenox Hill of '86,
Cheered for the Yankees with my dad in section six,
And after traveling, just dancin' round the world,
I still prefer a beer and whiskey with my friends on Rivington Street

I miss every little thing about this city,
Subway trains, the girls are pretty,
Love the hot dogs on 72nd street, they're tasty and they're cheap,
Was just a waitress on Cornelia, now I'm living my dreams baby,
Singing bout my pokerface...

I went out last night with my new friend M to my blog idol's hubby's first photography show in Brooklyn, followed by drinks on the Lower East Side, not all that far from Rivington Street. It was one of those amazing New York nights, with new friends, new experiences and the cool fall air making everything feel fresh and beautiful. As I sat at our table in the bar next to an open window, I looked out at the taxi cabs creeping along Houston Street, the beautiful people smoking their cigarettes and the guy devouring his slice from a paper plate, and I was so filled with love and adoration for the life I now live that I nearly started crying into my whiskey sour.

It's just that I have wanted to live here since my very first visit to the city, and here I am. It surrounds me at all time and it pumps through my veins, it pisses me off and it makes me deliriously happy, it stinks and it's beautiful. There are doubts in any healthy relationship, but eventually you get to a point where you just know if the other person is the one for you - or not.

New York is the one for me.


  1. Hi Meghan, big fan of the blog! I saw this on another site and I know from reading this blog that you are a huge GaGa fan, so I'm sure you'd love it:

  2. Haha loooove it. I would def sleep in this.