Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bless Gaga and bless the gays, part two

As promised, I'm here to share with you photos of the most recent in my line of epic Sundays: the National Equality March. Due to space constraints, I have decided to limit the photos to the most epic part of the day: standing ten feet away from Lady Gaga. Behold, marvel, gape. Looking back over these, I still sort of can't believe this shit happened.

This is her walking onto the Capitol Lawn after the march. She was actually there for most of the rally, which was over three hours long. Just because she's Gaga doesn't mean she won't sit her ass on an uncomfortable concrete wall for the gays.

She stood behind the stage and waited for her turn to speak. I was behind her for the duration of her speech, probably because I was paralyzed by Gagamazement.

OMG. She turned around and looked right. at. me.

Another shot from behind (TWSS), with her rainbow flag.

Wider shot, with the Washington Monument in the background. The largest phallic symbol in the world swimming in a sea of gays. Appropo.

Leaving with her rather large entourage.

And, lastly, I had to include this one. Right before the march started, we all looked up and saw a rainbow. It wasn't raining, people. As you know, I believe things happen for a reason, and I also believe in signs from the universe.

Dear gays:
You are loved and deserve the same treatment as anyone else. I'm on your side.
The universe

Clearly, some things are just more epic than others.

Editor's note: I completely forgot to mention my favorite/the funniest quote of the day, which comes from friend and fellow blogger Polly Syllabick. As we explored Washington in search of much-needed grub, we were talking about the fact that the district is divided into four quadrants, and she said, "I fucking hate DC. Did I mention that? I don't trust a city where you can stand on the corner of Pennsylvania and 4th in more than one place. It's like being in Queens." So true, my foul-mouthed Jersey friend. So true.

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