Friday, October 16, 2009

And How NYC: Times Square is our bitch

Schmom B. and Schpop B. are in town for the weekend! They've never, ever been to NYC, so this is a big adventure for them. And, LBO, for me as well. I'm taking them to all my favorite places in addition to all the touristy standbys. Soo yeah that's tiring.

Their first night in town, I showed them around my hood, then took them to see Grand Central, followed by the shuttle (my least favorite thing ever) to Times Square. Z joined us, natch, and recorded the first of what will likely be many videos of us wandering around and being ourselves for his blog, And How NYC. It is lolz. Nay, it is lolx. Enjoy.

This is the first video of me that has ever appeared on the Internet. Things you might learn: 1. Yes, I have an accent sometimes. 2. We really do talk like this. 3. We are bitches. 4. I am sleepy or drunk.

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