Friday, October 30, 2009

HLLWN Throwback

It's the Friday before HLLWN, which basically means it's HLLWN y'all! Ughhhhh I'm so excited I can't stand it. My costume is basically ready - I just have a couple more things to pick up, and it will officially be GAGAWEEN.

In honor of my favorite holiday, I thought I would throwback and post some photos of the past two HLLWNs. Being some sort of diva seems to be my modus operandi. In 2007, I was Vicky B. Last year, of course, I was Beyoncé. This year, Lady Gaga. Next year? Oh, yes, I already have an idea. But you bitches gotta wait a while for that announcement.

HLLWN 2007

The most important thing about this photo is the Colonel Reb decoration. I believe that might be a tapestry??

Naturally, Z went as David Beckham.

I remember we implemented a strict "NO SMILING" rule. I fucked it up.

C went as Bill Clinton, which makes this photo seem all the more appropriate.

HLLWN 2008
If ya liked it, then ya shoulda put a ring on it.

I was pretty proud of this costume. I have to give Schmom B. credit for my hair though. It was the shit.

M went as Bust It Baby. Plies keep her on deck.

Look! Hours of dancing in, and my hair is still up. We were out til like 6 a.m. I'm telling you, the shit.

This year promises to be even more epic, because we now enjoy taking video of ourselves. Check back Sunday for updates. Or Monday, LBO.


  1. You are so hot Beyonc-i-fied! And in general.

  2. Lavez et, but, um, how come the bomb photo that shows off mah tats didn't get any love!?

  3. Um, see third photo from the top.

  4. Oh I just checked that link. And lolz.

  5. LOLz. I took that picture where Clinton is aiming for Victoria's crotch. Great party that night!