Thursday, October 29, 2009

Aiming Low: My first real blogger convention

Last night, I went to my first real convention for bloggers! I'm like legitimate now? It was sponsored by Aiming Low, a blog started by a group of snarky women who basically make fun of themselves for having no real ambitions in life, aside from - apparently - launching a really successful blog that has quite a bit of a cult following. But I mean, it's whatevz.

So I ate free food and drank free dirty martinis water and handed out ghetto homemade blogger cards in the hopes that some of these hilarious women might also find me hilarious. I also met the ladies behind the Twitter jewelry you may have seen around the Internet. The company is Survival of the Hippest, and I'm probs going to order one because I think they're tongue-in-cheek and brilliant. And I guess they inspired me, because on my way home I tweeted the following.

So, that was a good decision. I'm pretty sure there's an incorrect comma usage in there somewhere. And then this morning I wake up and see this in my inbox.

Internet 1, Meghan 0.

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  1. oh that's SO funny!! @anotherhotmess is my friend and she's full of awesome, you'll like her. Thanks so much for coming to our party and it was AWESOME to meet you. Hope we can hang at BlogHer10!!!