Friday, October 9, 2009

Schmom B. Says

It's Friday again! I have a very busy weekend ahead of me, which includes - and I can't believe I haven't mentioned this yet - a trip down to DC early Sunday morning for the National Equality March and - oh my fucking jesus - a performance by Lady Gaga. It might just be the gayest weekend I've ever experienced, and I've had a LOT of gay weekends in my life, so that's really saying something.

I am very much looking forward to it, partially because it means I can put this shitty week behind me. I mean, I fully acknowledge that I live a charmed life and that, as such, all my so-called "problems" are charmed ones, and I am very thankful for everything in my life, but I've had a tough week, OK? And in this installment of Schmom B. Says, my mom gives me a little bit of perspective about it.

Schmom B. Says: Calm down, it's not that bad

Meghan: I'm having a really bad day. :(

Schmom B.: Sorry! I'm cleaning up cat puke! Bad is relative.

I guess Queen B. (my family cat) had a little accident. And it's true - so far this week, I haven't cleaned up anyone else's vomit, be it that of a human, cat, dog or any other creature, so really I just need to STFU and CTFD.

Happy weekend everyone!

PS. The Office wedding episode last night was perfect.

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