Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Unabridged Blackberries to Apples Bloglossary: Addendum

I've been periodically adding some entries to the bloglossary I wrote in September, and I thought I would write a short addendum with the new entries. You know, just so y'all can upgrade your daily vocab.


Function: noun
Etymology: Harlem high schoolers
Date: 2009
Definition: Bitch. Often followed by "plz."

Function: affirmation
Etymology: Hautey Toddy-based abbrevs
Date: 2007
Definition: Definitely.

Function: verb/adjective/adverb/noun
Etymology: Can I get some lolx cream cheese on my bagel?
Date: October 2008
Definition: Lolz to the max.

Function: verb, adjective, nom
Etymology: LOLcats?
Date: 2008
Definition: Mmmmmmdeliciousfood.

Function: adverb?
Etymology: Hautey Toddy abbrevs
Date: 2007
Definition: Obviously.

Function: noun, indefinite
Etymology: Gchat, as per yooj
Date: 2009
Definition: Some bitch.

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