Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weeklong Series: Young Love, Part Four

The following note was written on receipt paper. For a while Jacob worked at a pet store, so I assume that's where this came from. We often wrote each other notes and stuck them under the windshield wipers before or after school so that we would be surprised after school or band practice - this explains why the paper is so damn wrinkled while most of the notes were folded and nicely kept. He signed his name "Jamob" because we went through a stage where we would rearrange the letters in our full names, thus misspelling them on purpose. I would be "Mebham" or something and he would be "Jamob." Sounds so stupid now, but it was endearing at the time.

When I was home I also found the ticket stubs to a lot of the movies we saw together, and they're pretty amazing because some of them are from films I now rank in my favorite films of all time (The Ring, top 50; Vanilla Sky, top 10) - it's just so cool that I still have this shit. It's really interesting to note how cheap a movie used to be: in 2002 in Alabama, it was 7.50 to get into a movie at night, and 5.50 during the day. Last week, I paid $19 to see Toy Story 3 in 3D in NYC at night, and $12 to see it again in Alabama during the afternoon. NINETEEN DOLLARS. Vom.



  1. I keep lil momentos like ticket stubs & letters!! This is too cute! Ahh young love. It was beautiful!

  2. These notes are so sweet...what an amazing thing to share

    I think I still have my ticket stub from The Ring.
    The scariest/weirdest/funniest thing happened at the end (when the screen went all static-y).
    My friend got a call from a private number (it was on silent, he was just checking to see if anyone called or texted).
    Almost everyone in the cinema saw, stopped and stared. The simultaneous gasp was almost as loud as the audio playing. When he answered, and let out a relieved "oh feck, it's just you..." everyone cracked up laughing at the fact we all freaked out...ahhh memories!


  4. @Kimberly YES BITCH. YES. bahahaha