Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Weeklong Series: Young Love, Part Two

Sometimes Jacob wrote me notes just to remind me of how he felt about me, and I did the same for him. These notes especially embody young, enthusiastic, obsessive, emo love at its best. The following note was written during my brief affair with vegetarianism, which was during my sophomore year of high school - so 2001 or 2002. This note was of the rare typed variety, but on the front he hand-wrote a greeting.


   I decided to type you a note for once. Weird isn't it? I just want to convey how much you really mean to me; which I know is impossible to really do, but I'll try, if not, but only for your pleasure.
   First, you are the one person I call a true best friend in my life, and the only person I'd honestly want to be best friends with. I can say that even if I haven't met anyone in existence comfortably because of how wonderful a person you are. You are a person I am trying so hard to be like (with exception to your "no chicken, pork or fish clause"!... just kidding...); I really wish to be a part of you. I still feel no barrier in where I end and you begin.
   And I'm glad that me just looking on to you makes you vocally joyful, although I'll try not to let your "vocal enjoyments" disrupt your flute playing. I hope I can always make you laugh...
   And if someone could stop the rain while it was falling, still drops in air, the beauty of a billion crystal-like still droplets, randomly placed... everyone ordained by God, it would simply remind me of what it's like to look into your eyes....
   You do so much for me, and I have only myself to do for you. You make me so at peace inside myself. It is truly a rare feeling to be calm for me now, with so much going on, but I do not even have to consider the fact that your hug might not bring me at peace.
   I hope this conveys a small portion of what I feel for you...
   With love always
   Your Jacob


  1. How freaking adorable, I wish someone would send me a note like that...

  2. I <3 that one! I never knew he wrote notes like this to you!!! You guys truely had an amazing relationship.