Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Weeklong Series: Young Love, Part Three

As high school students, our problems were minimal. I went to the magnet school at a public high school, and the two schools shared a campus. Jacob went to the public school, so we only saw each other in the mornings, sometimes at lunch, and after school in band practice (there was only one marching band between the two schools, and Jacob and I were both involved). We were often annoyed by our fellow students, our teachers, and our assignments. We took refuge in each other, acting as listening posts for each other's complaints. We often stood in stark contrast to the bullshit we dealt with on a daily basis, and told each other as much. The following note illustrates the roles we happily played for each other, in addition to perhaps highlighting how seriously we took our wimpy little problems.


    It is the start of third block and I am lonely, tired and hungry. I miss you so dearly during the day. I am almost tired for ninety percent of the day. Working myself like this is no easy task; too much altogether is the burden of school and work. I did not too do so well on the last calculus test. Ms. Helms thought all the grades were so bad as to have us re-work through most of what we learned. I'm still mocked for having an A in that class and bothered constantly for help. Maybe they do not understand how much time I really take to try and understand it all. Every night I spend about 15 minutes on at least thinking over every theorum, law and lesson. About 45 minutes more simply doing homework, and I still rarely finish it all. I know I don't spent a large amount of time on it, but the time spent is time I'd rather be sleeping or doing a thousand other things. They can take away their time and have the exact same thing and the same understanding as well.
   Anyway, the few comforts I have, I rarely get as much as I'd like of. My greatest comfort in life right now is you... and even then other people find ways to rob that experience; particularly _______. Please do not let her rob our enjoyment.
   The only thing that is really inspiring me academically right now is you. Your work ethic is something that inspires much awe by itself. Some reason, it translates to me and gives me more joy and confidence in myself than you can imagine. In this way, you have done so much to improve my future.
   Right now, I can't stop thinking about how our skin feels together. Sometimes you might be cold, but you are ALWAYS warm to me. Wrapping you and myself up in a blanket and just laying and breathing together - that would be nice. I hope for the day that I can watch you sleep all night until the moment your beautiful eyes slowly open. Meghan Cori Blalock, I will always love you.



  1.'s like I want someone send me a love letter like that. LOL

    How beautiful is that.

  2. so eloquent for a highschooler, too.
    These are sweet.