Wednesday, December 8, 2010

teach me how to dougie

Just a couple thangs.

When I was home for Thanksgiving, my childhood best friend Ashley made me walk on train tracks in six-inch heels while she took photos of it. They are here.

I didn't write about it (not really), but at the beginning of November I went to a taping of Inside The Actor's Studio with James Franco. It was so amazing and inspiring. A few weeks later, author/fave writer Stephen Elliott wrote about Franco in his Daily Rumpus e-mail. Franco optioned The Adderall Diaries and plans to direct/star in a film version of the memoir. I wrote Stephen back and told him about the taping, and he asked me to edit my notes into an article. So I did. Then it was linked to by USA Today. So that was a good day.

Because good things usually come in threes: I have watched this like ten times. I think it says something.


  1. I watched that James Franco show last night. Kind of love him.

  2. Re Photograph #37:
    hello, gorgeous - composition, the way the eye is drawn around the photograph, the model. The feminine, edgier, modern-yet-timeless version of those iconic James Dean pieces. Jack Kerouac (sp?) for today.

    Re James Franco:
    Truly an inspiration. He reached out to lend a hand to your rising talent, which makes me admire him even more.