Saturday, May 16, 2009


I think because I didn't grow up in a church-going household, my personal thoughts and beliefs on spirituality have mainly been guided by my own internal compass. I've just always felt certain things to be true, and certain things to be bullshit. I love philosophy and thinking about the big questions in life, and I've always leaned toward more Eastern ("alternative") belief systems like Buddhism and Taoism. So it seems to follow suit that today, for the first time, a psychic read my palm and totally blew my mind.

Today was one of those days that I woke up and had nothing planned. I was going to sleep in, get up, possibly shower, do some much-needed grocery shopping, and spend the rest of the day relaxing and catching up on last week's TV. Instead, I got up, Z called me, and I joined him and J for breakfast on the UWS, followed by several street fairs, record store hopping and vintage shopping. It was at the first street fair that I encountered Sabrina and her $5 insight into the inner workings of my mind.

I've wanted to go to a psychic for a long time, not because I hold some sort of firm belief in their abilities, but just because I wanted the experience. I try to refrain from holding opinions about things until I encounter them firsthand, and this was one of those things I didn't want to write off or believe in without seeing for myself. So I said what the hell and sat down in her tent. Z hovered but didn't listen. Apparently a palm reading is a really personal thing. I didn't know that but it seems to be that way.

First she asked me my name and introduced herself. She had pretty brown eyes and I found myself looking into them without being freaked out by it. She was welcoming and comforting and I felt like I immediately trusted her. She took my right hand and began looking at my lines. She said I had a strong life line and would not die of sickness or injury, but live to be old and die of old age. Good news. She said I would get married in my late 20s or early 30s. She said I was outwardly a happy person, and very supportive of my friends, but that there was a sadness in my heart, and that I was good at giving advice but not good at taking it. At this point, I was like, OK Sabrina, pretty accurate but anyone would probably say those things are true about themselves. But then she started knowing things that she shouldn't know, specifically about my relationship with A, that freaked me out.

At first she said that I was in a relationship, that it had been difficult, but that we were working out our differences. And I was like, no, we just broke up actually. And she said, oh, but I can tell you've had problems before, you've broken up with this person before but you've always gotten back together. Um, yes. Then out of nowhere she said, "But you can reconcile the fact that he's far away. That's not the problem." And I was like, um, what?? She didn't ask me if he was in another city, she just stated it like a fact she had read in a book. She then went on to say that she knows I love him and that he loves me, and that he never mistreated me, but there was some other source of negativity keeping us apart. She said it could be someone in my life or his life who was envious and aiming to keep us apart, but she wasn't sure. She said she could sense the negativity in me, could read it in my face. Needless to say, I walked away from her confused, anxious and (again) wondering if I am making the right decision about A or just leaving because it's the easy thing to do.

Other stuff she knew: that I'm a writer, that I recently moved to New York, that I've been feeling apprehensive about moving here (but, she reassured me, it was the right decision and this is where I belong). She said she saw paperwork/contracts in my near future, that my financial situation would soon be improving and that I would be traveling a lot this year, including a place with palm trees and blue water later this year. Sounds good to me.

I don't know. I walked away wanting to know more, to sit down and talk to her and see what else she knew about me. I was convinced by the end of my 5-6 minute session that she, at the very least, had a bizarre skill for reading people. I don't know that it's an actual "psychic" power, but I do believe that some people are more in tune with the intrinsic nature of things, and are just good at reading people. Actually I think I'm one of those people, just probably not to the extent Sabrina is.

I know my blog has been really heavy recently and that it's probably getting kind of old, so I have some lighter, more exciting news: I bought an amazing swimsuit today at a vintage store in SoHo. I. love. it. I plan on wearing it to the park when I go to lounge in the sun, and also under jeans or with leggings when going out this summer. It's that's amazing.

It's a really low scoopback, which I <3. You can't tell in the photo, but it's also got old-school cone shapes at the bust. Not like Madonna style, but the same basic idea, just more subtle. I LOVE IT. I kiiiiiind of feel like a pin-up girl when I'm wearing it, not going to lie. Can't wait to wear it around this amazing city this summer.

Until next time.

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