Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Employed at last

The title of this blog speaks for itself. Yes, I am now employed. I got offered a full-time position as a research editor at a magazine company in New York today. Two months of interning there, and I guess I proved myself. Before that, two months of interning at a different magazine's web site. Before that, six months of interning at a major magazine in the South. Prior to that, two months of interning at a small magazine in the South. And before that, two months of interning at another major national magazine in the South. What is that? Like 14 months? Over a year of being an intern. Plus however many hours I put in at The Daily Mississippian. Good lawd. I think it's safe to say I earned it.

New York. Real life. Being a grownup. Money. Benefits. Being an independent woman for the first time in my life. I mean, LBO; I have always been a feminist and lived a pretend-independent life for years. And as far as my mindset goes, I have always been independent, but to be completely financially independent as a 23-year-old female in New York - that's what I've worked toward for the past, I dunno, 19 years. Yeah, I started doing math workbooks for fun when I was like 4, so suck it.

Fuck yes. In other life news, I got back together with A. I know, whatever. I realized I can't live without him, and once you realize that about someone, you may as well stop fighting it, because it's not gonna change anytime soon. Better to embrace it with open arms. Or, as I did, get on a bus to DC late on a Saturday night after happy hour and profess your love. Better to do these sorts of things in person.

I start my new job Monday. Until then, I am, as always,

Majorly yours.

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