Tuesday, January 19, 2010

How to reach maximum cat annoyance: Tha Queen B edition

One of my favorite things about being home in the South is spending time with Queenie, my family's kitty cat. I usually refer to her as Tha Queen B, and I spend most of my time at home trying to get her to love me. The following is typical Queen B/Meghan behavior, concluding with her reaching the crest on her bell curve of annoyance with me.

1. I try to get Tha Queen B to pose for the camera. She is squirmy in resistance.

2. Success, bitch!

3. She slinks away and shuns me for the great humiliation I have caused her.

4. I am sad and filled with remorse.

5. I prepare a sneak attack to gain her affections back.

6. She is alerted to my presence, despite my amazing fish disguise. (???)

7. Maximum annoyance achieved.

Editor's note: Upon further review, I think this post probably makes me look like a crazy fucking cat lady. And I'm OK with it.


  1. hahahaaaa
    are all cats the same?!

    i know that look of annoyance well

  2. lol, well if u are crazy- so am i...i can so relate w/those cat pics....

  3. Don't give up your day job to be a Cat Whisperer!:)

  4. 2 things:

    1) That is a greats ad face you do.

    2) That cat hates you.

  5. I'm like that with my bunny rabbits. My parents get real annoyed that I "pester" them. Ruby just looks so funny when she's pissed off or when she's upside down wiggling her little bunny legs or pretty much all the time.

  6. So.Fuckin'.Funny!

    That really makes me miss my kitty cause you just don't get this kind of fun out of a dog. BTW that cat must be pretty smart... I mean the fish disguise totally fooled me! LOL

  7. 7. That cat is amazing! Her face should be captioned with the word "die."

    I love that cats are most often NOT giving with their affection and basically hate us in a haughty sort of way.

  8. haha. I will join you! I am a dog person, but somehow i know that I am going to end up as a cat lady.

  9. p.s. i love the last pic the cat look super Über annoyed haha!

  10. Oh wow, she looks a lot like my cat Pete! And yes, you are definitely a CCL in training...hahaha j/k