Monday, January 18, 2010

Southern nap, FTW

I haven't been sleeping well in New York recently. My roommate has been home a lot and I have this psychological thing where even if she's not being loud and I can barely tell she's home at all, I know she's home, and that makes me antsy and anxious and I can't sleep well.

So naturally, when I came home to Bama Friday, after getting up at 5:30 a.m. to make my flight, I was exhausted and took a mid-afternoon nap. It was a nap for the win (FTW), or what I prefer to call a nap to the face.

This is why.

Because that's what I look like when I wake up from a nap to the face. My hair is fucked and my face is barely recognizable and - as I so helpfully point out in the bottom photo - I have a big mascara smear mysteriously located at least one full inch from my eye.

When I looked at myself in the mirror, my thought process went something like:

1. FUCK. Whoooooooa. Damn girl. Rough.
2. Ooooh! I should blog photos of how shitty I look.

Currently re-considering the wisdom of this sleepy decision.


  1. Yes lol the pictures are gone! It seems like the best naps are the ones that leave you looking completely fucked up when you wake up.

  2. i feel like i should let you know that your blog is one of the best ive ever come across. Just because its raining where i am and the thought of putting a smile on your face makes today less gloomy. dont ever stop writing. because i enjoy stalking your blog. <3 jaydee

  3. Haha, Southern Naps FTW are the best!

  4. believe me you don't look that bad. I have looked far worse,
    see for yourself

    (don't worry its nothing dodgy)

    love your blog by the way.

  5. hi
    can we will be friends?

  6. Ha! You still look lovely, but I love the thought process! It's all about blogging!

  7. Thanks for the kind comments, y'all.

    However, I have just noticed that I have full-blown man hand in the second photo. Wtfffff

  8. hahaha well I am glad you did. You stilll look beautifurrr,