Thursday, March 4, 2010

Commune 2010: The Beginning

I moved this weekend. I migrated downtown a bit - but stayed in East Harlem! - from 118 to 104, and as you might remember, I'm now living in Zachary's building. Jenny documented the weekend, and posted some of the best shots to her blog. And now I'm re-posting them, because I'm sort of tired and it's my blog so there.

Impromptu shoot on Zac's new couch in the back of the U-Haul. Starring me, Zachary, Jenny and Susan.

This shot is really amazing, and really random and unexpected. Zac and I were dancing to Britney Spears' "3" in the empty living room slash kitchen of my new place, and we were recreating that part where she hangs on the pole and sort of arches her back and drops her head backward. You know the one.

We did a pretty good job, yes? He is dancing with a painting brush extender pole, and I am dancing with (wait for it) a Swiffer. One day our kids will see this and be all "GAAAAHHHHH how embarrassing what were you doing Mom/Dad/Aunt Meghan/Uncle Zac?!?!" And we'll be like, "Cleaning."

I love this photo. Zac and Jenny are currently obsessed with Barbra Streisand, and after Susan and I finished constructing my bed frame, we came downstairs to find them sitting on the couch in the U-Haul, listening to Babs on an iPhone and singing along. Then they started talking about Funny Girl and I jumped up on the back of the truck and re-created that scene where she's hanging on to a boat or a truck, or something. (I haven't actually seen that film in a long time.) But whatevz this photo captures how I felt about the move. Also, those boots are the vintage snow boots I wrote about previously; a gift from Schmom B., they are straight outta the 1980s and they are the shit.

 We had another impromptu photo shoot late in the night on the day we painted. We sat against the blank wall in my new living room and Jenny set the timer on her cam and snapped away. Then she edited them together into a photo booth-type strip. This is my favorite. I'm obvs going to print it and hang it on my pretty new wall.



  1. Great photos, I mean it... Looks like a great start for you.. You look happy...

  2. New York: For those that are scared to travel outside the country!

  3. Oh, Richard. Why do you hate me so?

  4. Hey I think you've got to be kinda tough to live in New York anyway! I agree: Great photos and great friends.

  5. I want someone to document my life!! Must meet photographers ...

    You do look so happy! Congrats on a new chapter of New York!

    I'm coming to visit sometime this year.

  6. You are all so cute. I had a commune when I was your age. Everyone should; it helps you to survive the first post-college years.

  7. Meg, I have worked for U-Haul for 30 years and never seen someone have so much fun moving. Thanks for the rental and helping my ESOP!

    Great pics...enjoy your new digs.

  8. I've never seen someone so happy during a move. And painting? OMG that's the worst but you seem to be having a blast. Love your energy. Please share some pics of the place once you're settled in. Because I'm nosy like that.