Friday, March 19, 2010


I completely have spring fever. It's a dire case. Inspired by the joyous arrival of spring and how it melts into summer, I wrote a poem for my friends. "Poem" being a loose term but whatevz.


i am so happy right now
scenes of summer
swim in (and in) my
just stupid
cobblestoned between
love and art and love
new york
new york
new york
i seeeeeeeee you
was fun while
the leaves fell
but now it's the sun and
grass smiling at me through my toes
spilled some juice on my (eh, probs your) cutoffs
flowers falling in our hair
determined laugh lines deepen
gifted for a future time
if we need a reminder
eyes squint
hands over brows
ow, my legs are hot
let’s move to the shade, big red
oh my godddddddd the wind
sunscreen is so fucking expensive
in the city
let’s split it
but our freckles
bump with the bass
as we dance in the dark
arms over heads
hands reach into clouds
and shuffle dreams around
check check check
what’s next?
OMG what?! stop laughing at me
let’s make up a world
over brunch

Photos courtesy of Jenny Anderson, obvs.


  1. Your attempt at acting like you don't care fails. "whatevs"? ha.

  2. You covered what spring/summer is and the photos definitely fit.... nice laid back sunny days...

  3. @ Richard, yep u r right, don't cares means one

  4. Love your photos they are awesome

  5. this made me smile so big. and it's not just the vodka.

  6. It was a gorgeous NYC weekend and Jenny's photos certainly capture that. I get the feeling that spring will usher in loads of inspiration for you.

  7. a great gatsby t-shirt!?! awesome!

  8. It's dumping snow right now here in Denver- ugh. I'm jealous of anybody that is in a sunny climate right now.

  9. I have been going through your blog now for the past few weeks. I started at the very beginning and then could NOT stop reading. Your writing and your dreams and pursuit of life inspires me every time I read. Enough to take up the writing of my abandoned blog from months ago and remember why I love writing too. I actually referenced you in my post, hope you don't mind (if you do, lemme know, ha ha:! Can't wait to catch up to present day!

    (And where did Zachary get that Great Gatsby shirt?! The English major in me dies for it!)