Tuesday, May 18, 2010

manhattan looks like some place else

I took a group of photos over the past few days, and when I looked back over them they all seemed to look like... somewhere other than New York. Kind of weird.


  1. Cities within cities within cities within cities.

    I would love to hear poetry with you tonight, your poetry specifically, but I'm procrastinating deadlines.

  2. Maybe it's because you caught some quiet, beautiful moments of the city & ya know as all New Yorkers know that NY is NOWHERE near quiet! hehe. =)

    I like the bottom left one. It's very serene.

  3. Love the effects u got on these!... So how does NY differ than these photos? all of these have a dreamy look...

  4. I've only been to NYC a few times, but I feel like it looks like a completely different place to me each time I visit. It's all in the perspective. Great pictures.

  5. Love these photos. I think you've captured the city in a nice quiet & nostalgic manner. I love it :).

    - Jei.