Monday, May 17, 2010

these are a few of my favorite things

For a couple years now, I've kept a running list of my favorite things. I don't update it very much - before today, I hadn't even looked at it for at least six months - but I've always loved the idea of keeping a list of favorite things, so I could look back over it and sort of remember who I am at my happiest moments.

For a while I thought I would never share this list with anyone, save for maybe my future husband, but now I think it's fun and I feel that publishing it will encourage other people to share their favorite things, which obviously I want to hear. It's a really good exercise if you're ever in a down mood -  focusing on the positive things in life, shockingly enough, is a great way to stay positive - and I find that when I just write as honestly and openly as I can, the results are better. And more hilarious. Reading back over it now, I can literally see the progression of my life from around April 2008 - when I started this list - to the present time. Two years' worth of favoriteness.

So, here is my work-in-progress list of favorite things. Most of them involve food and/or sex. And yes, I'm fully aware some things are on here more than once. That is purposeful. Please comment and tell me some of your favorite things. Let your freak flag fly.

meghan's favorite things.

When you go to the bathroom at a restaurant, and your food is waiting for you when you come back
Fresh tomatoes with salt and pepper
A fresh tomato sandwich with mayonnaise and two slices of cheese, salt and pepper
Passionate kisses
Ice cold water when you're really thirsty
Dancing, self-expression therein
Doing a really good job on something and knowing it
Trying a new food and loving it
New friends and old friends
Mom and Dad
Chocolate, let's be honest
Getting in bed when you're really, really tired
A Diet Coke when you really, really want a Diet Coke
Maraschino cherries
A juicy, sweet orange
Lump crab meat
Feeling beautiful
Chicken noodle soup when your throat is sore
Bananas with peanut butter
Boyfriends: the way they smell, dress, look at you
ee cummings
Being read to in Spanish
Being read to
Good writing
Laying in bed during a thunderstorm
Freshly baked bread with butter
Feeling warm with love
Finding a really great deal on something you really want, AKA a good sale
Getting dressed and feeling really cute
Reading something that really connects with you
De ja vu
Having someone know what you want without you having to say it
A really amazing meal at a restaurant
Central Park
New York street noise, even when it's terrible
Taking off my bra after a long day
Taking off my bra after a long, hot day
Post-workout feelings
Smoked salmon cream cheese
Champagne, champagne cocktails
New contacts
When you make pasta/sauce and you're stirring it with a cooking spoon and all the good stuff (veggies, sauce, meat) gets stuck in the spoon and then you can eat it out of the spoon
Little kids bundled up in winter clothes
Diner food
Making out in bars/clubs
Watching cheesy youtube videos that make me cry
Lazy rivers
The burning feeling in your stomach after taking a tequila shot
Sleeping in
Street fairs
Taking a really amazing shit
Loud hip-hop and rap music
Deep bass that you can feel in your bones
Live music
Discovering new music
Writing in my journal
Reading poetry aloud for strangers
Reading poetry aloud for friends
Watching happy families on the subway
Watching dogs run and play
Cute babies
New Orleans
Rainer Maria Rilke
Patti Smith
Young poets
Free art galleries (AKA Chelsea)
Photography (creating, consuming)
Sad stories
Sexual deviants
Seeing blind people walking around the city (and feeling encouraged to keep going)
Mint chocolate chip ice cream
Sitting on my fire escape and listening to the city

to be cont'd.....


  1. Just a few? lol
    glad to see e.e. cummings there...

  2. great list. i too love a lot of those things including smoked salmon cream cheese :)
    btw, you have spooning on the list twice

  3. -That moment right before you kiss someone when it registers in your mind that you're going to kiss them...and you're both looking at each other and even though nothing else adds up, you just know that a kiss is in order.
    -The feeling of wind in your face when the car window is rolled down on an old country road.
    -The smell of new books.
    -Walking into an air conditioned building on a freakin hot day. It's like breathing for the first time.
    -Getting a letter in the mail. It's so seemingly old fasioned now that we have technology, but sometimes it's nice to escape technology.
    -The feeling of grass tickling bare feet.
    -The South. It's just...better. Ya know?
    -The sound that wooden wind chimes make.
    -Crushed (not cubed) ice.
    -Sweet tea.
    -Movies that make you laugh everytime you watch them. For instance, Dumb and Dumber.
    -Loveable people. The kind that you want to bear hug everytime you see em.
    -Bear hugs.
    -Making these lists :)

  4. Cunnilingus. haha.
    I also have a list of things that make me happy, but I never published it. I just might now!

  5. This list made me feel quite warm and fuzzy...I know used to have a list like this, but I've lost it somewhere...I should really dig it up and update it. Wonderful post! <3

  6. Pretty much everything on this list is awesome. Though I think mint chocolate chip ice cream deserves to be on there twice! hah.