Tuesday, August 18, 2009


With the help of my good friend Jenny - and her superior upper body strength - I have achieved air conditioner success. Behold.

A thing of beauty, isn't she? This really is going to greatly improve my quality of life in NYC, for a few reasons.

1. She's cold.
2. She blocks out 95% of the street noise.
3. She has a remote and a sleep timer!

The guy also sold me a 2-year warranty plan for half price, so this bitch is gonna be in my life for a while. Boys may come and go, but AC Sasha (this is what I have decided to name her, just now) is here to stay.

Life is good right now. I feel happy. My job is going well - I'm starting to really like and appreciate what I do - and New York, once again, is proving to never get old. There's always something new to discover, new to learn, new to love. I've been to a lot of cities in this country, and nowhere feels like home like New York does.

Speaking of traveling, I have decided I will travel out of the country by the time I am 25. I never have, which is completely insane. Jenny was telling me at dinner tonight about a couple of her friends who are enrolled in a "life abroad" program where you basically set aside $5,000 and this company hooks you up with a job and a place to live and all that stuff in a foreign country. It's like study abroad for adults. I want to do it. I would love to pack my bags and leave the country for six months - maybe even a year - and live somewhere totally foreign to me. I would love to blog about it, and be a real journalist for a year, writing about all the new things I would discover. Maybe it will be my 25th birthday present to myself.

Another thing I've decided, in one of my brilliant shower epiphanies: if and when I ever decide to get married, I want my hubby-to-be to call me his "beyoncé." I mean, it rhymes with fiancée, and I bet in everyday conversation - "my beyoncé and I went to a movie this weekend," "my beyoncé makes badass salads," "my beyoncé made me put a ring on it" - it sounds *just like fiancée. Like I bet people wouldn't even notice. Anyway, the man I deem worthy of marriage will have no problem doing this, and he will do it willingly, because he will find it hilarious. Because it is.

Sigh. Until next time.

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