Sunday, December 28, 2008

Omgz tired

OMGz. Xmas and the past week and weekend have been insane. I don't really even know where to start. I last posted on Dec. 19, which was also my last day at my internship. I cleaned out mah cube and peaced out. I have lunch with the people from my department tomorrow, so I can't say I was sad to leave. It will be sad to say goodbye tomorrow, but that Friday, I was just so ready to be out of there and prepping for New York. Which is what I've been doing since.

I turned in my edit test last Tuesday. No word back yet, but that was also the day before Xmas Eve, and I assume the person I've been in contact with took a few days off for the holiday. I anticipate her being back in the office tomorrow, and I hope to hear back either tomorrow or Tuesday. Fingers crossed! I still appreciate any positive thoughts y'all are willing to vibe my way.

Since then, I have: visited family in ATL for Xmas, got in a huge fight with A, made up with A, had a really good time with A (he's in town visiting family as well), had a last supper with my Birmingham friends, and, at long last, started packing. Here is the evidence:

From bottom left, clockwise: Suitcase, pile of shoes, vacuum, vacuum storage bag

I'm not quite finished - I still have jewelry to pack, technological stuff, a hair dryer, toiletries, last minute clothes, etc. But right now that suitcase contains a vacuum-sealed storage bag filled with work clothes (dresses, tops, etc.) eight pairs of shoes (only three pairs of heels, gasp) and then more sensitive clothing stacked individually on top of that: a suit, silk top, cashmere sweater, etc etc. Basically I packed all my clothes in these suction bags because they save a ton of space - except for really delicate stuff, which I left out and placed gingerly on top.

There is also this bag:

I can has army duffle plz?

Sorry for the shitty picture quality. My dad is in the national guard, so he has all this random army ish laying around, and he suggested using one of these heavy-duty army duffles as my second checked bag instead of the smaller of my two suitcases. Turns out, like most of his ideas, it was a great one - the full bag you are looking at, which weighs more than 50 pounds (I'm sure of it), contains the following:
  • One full-size down comforter
  • One pillow
  • One set of twin sheets
  • One bath towel, one hand towel
  • A loofa
  • Three scarves
  • Two hats
  • Underwear, stockings, exercise clothes
  • A collection of sweaters, coats, and other winter clothes
All of this ish is contained within two of the vacuum storage bags, except for the tiny, pliable items, with we rolled up and stuck in the crevices around the plastic bags. I have to give A credit here; he is mostly responsible for packing things into this duffle. He has really long arms, so he was good for it. I have to give props where props are due.

One thing I've always heard you need in NYC is a big tote to carry around with you. Wimpy little purses won't do for everyday happenings, because you leave your apartment in the morning, go to work, go work out, go hang out with friends, go to dinner or happy hour, whatever it is you do all day - you have to have a big bag for all your daily ish. So I went to Target and got one on clearance for like $27. It's big and black and has three compartments. Twss?

All I have left to pack is last minute stuff: toothbrush, razor, computer, chargers, etc. It's crazy to think that in less than 48 hours I will be a New Yorker in the making.

Majorly yours.

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