Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A sigh and a quick NYC update

I heard back today from the NYC mag that contacted me a couple weeks ago to do a follow-up interview for an internship. The assistant editor let me know that they decided to go with someone else. I am disappointed, but she did say that she would love to meet up with me when I get to the city, just to chat about things. And it is really promising that I got an interview while outside of New York - it's rare, because with so many talented people wanting internships in the city, why would they look elsewhere? They must have liked my resume and clips enough to ask me to answer some questions from way down here in Bham, so that is good I think.

Aaand I just spilled Diet Coke all over my desk. Fail.

In good news, I got an iPhone last night as sort of an early Xmas present slash replacement for my (RIP) blackberry. Mah blog namez is predictive.

Majorly yours.

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