Friday, December 19, 2008

Update, Beyoncé dance, and I wanna get my herrrrz did

So it's Friday night, and I'm home. I'm kinda lame. But today was really stressful, long, and tiring, so cuddled up in my bed is just where I want to be. So that's where I am.

I have three important topics of discussion for y'all. Here they are, in order of importance, natch:

1. The Interview
It went well. It was a lot more informal and conversational than I expected. I prepared for it like I crammed for my political philosophy tests -- thoroughly and quickly. But then she didn't ask me any difficult or pressing questions. We basically had a conversation about the latest health news and events, talked about my past health reporting experience, and discussed the position. Then she told me I needed to do an edit test and they were trying to get this done post-haste (before the end of the year). Then she e-mailed me the edit test today (yay!) and I have until Tuesday afternoon to do it. This all feels surreal. I'm going to do my best and hopefully kick ass on the edit test, so if y'all will keep thinking positively for me, I will keep hoping!

2. Mah Herr
I'm bored as hell with my haircut. As some of you may recall, I got my original short haircut in August 2007, inspired by the original Vicky B, shown here.

When I first got that cut, I fucking loved it. I loved it so much that I kept it for over a year. Well now I'm bored. Of course. I'm going totally brunette on Dec. 29, and I'm also getting it cut. Here's what I'm thinking about doing:

AH! It will be dark brown and possibly split down the middle with chunky bangs? It's a complete 180 from my cut last year. But I'm so bored that I'm thinking of doing it just to change things up. I have a huge forehead, so bangs would work on me I think. What do y'all think? I need opinionz.

3. Beyoncé dance: I can dew it
Some of you are familiar with the Single Ladies video, and some of you know I went as Beyoncé from this video for Hllwn this year. What most of you don't know is that I also learned the dance from the video and I can do it. I doubt I will ever post a video of myself doing the dance on YouTube (like this guy did), but I can do it. Oh, I can. I have dedicated many hours to learning it, and I have practiced at the gym. I'm hardcore. I honestly don't know what my life would be like without Beyoncé in it.

Majorly yours.


  1. This is basically all hearsay and speculation until you prove to me that you can actually do it.

  2. Yes. Brown Hair. KatieBot bob with bangs. It's gonna rock. For real.