Friday, December 12, 2008

Surgery bluez

I'm getting my wisdom teeth out today. Like most things in my life, I kind of suck at doing things ahead of time, so I waited until the last possible minute to schedule my surgery. I mean, my dentist told me in like September or October that I needed to get my bottom right one out because it was coming in crooked. Little bastard. The other three are fine, but I kind of decided to get them out too while I'm under anesthesia. I am now regretting that decision, and I'm going to ask the surgeon today when I show him my X-ray if I can possibly avoid getting the other three out too. Just the one will be fine, thanks.

I haven't had surgery or been under any kind of anesthesia (well except for laughing gas for some cavities, which was awesome, LBO) since I was like 12 and had appendicitis slash peritonitis and I had surgery for that. I'm kind of nervous about it. Also apparently you can't eat several hours before surgery. My surgery is at 12:45, and I'm not allowed to eat at all this morning. SUX. I'm sitting at my desk, and I'm already hungry and it's only 9 a.m. I have Xmas cookies in my drawer that I can't eat. Buh.

Anyway, I'll keep y'all updated on how everything goes. I may not be able to talk after it's over, because my mouth will be stuffed with cotton, but I will be able to blog. Oh, I will blog. I will.

Majorly yours.

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