Friday, September 11, 2009

5 things you can learn from moddlez

Living in New York and working in media, my friends and I sometimes get invited to ridiculously New York events. You know, those stupid parties Carrie and the girls often attended: fashion shows, book signings, magazine launches. And, of course, the occasional random Fashion Week preview party slash fake photo shoot slash moddle watch.

Earlier this week I attended the Fashion Week preview event for Keith Lissner, an up-and-coming designer who typically focuses on simply creating gorgeous dresses. I discovered his work this summer and I immediately fell in love with it; browsing his web site, I wanted one of each dress in every color. So when I received an invite to the preview for his Spring/Summer 2010 demi couture line, I jumped at the chance to attend, natch.

We arrived and it was basically a fake photo shoot; a bunch of moddlez standing around on set, posing in dresses, while the rest of us stood around and stared at them, (not so) quietly judging. I found his spring/summer line to be far less inspired than his fall/winter line, but I can't even say that with a straight face, so it's not like it matters. But the experience did teach me a few things I want to share with everyone. Important life lessons, brought to you by moddlez.

1. Be tall. Be very, very tall. What, like everyone's not 6'0"??

2. Master the concave moddle pose in a number of different positions. First, the basic concave, shown here by moddle in tutu.

3. Next, concave with hands on ass. Mastered beautifully here by moddle in middle.

4. Staring will take you far. Also known as "smile with your eyes."

5. Don't eat before the show. I mean, for like weeks. In fact, just stop eating. I mean, you *can survive on bubble tea. True story.

As a side note, that gray dress was my favorite one. Also, Miss J from America's Next Top Model was there! I can confirm that he is a real human being, contrary to evidence suggesting otherwise.

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