Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday's mystery solved, or this artsy photo essay is probably too long

I know you've been waiting with remarkably (un)bated breath, so here it is. The explanation of the photo from yesterday, and the ridiculous weekend I had.

In Harlem, it begins. I'm really not sure why "borough" isn't written out here.

This is how my arm looked when the day started. Soft, white and pure. We were keeping points based on the fact that we actually made it to each borough, how many drinks* were consumed and various other acts that were considered point-worthy, such as dancing.

This was our first stop, a restaurant/bar in the Bronx called Bruckner's. Our server was awesome, and he snuck into this photo unexpectedly. The result is one of my favorite photos of the day.

We then walked across a bridge from the Bronx back to Manhattan, where we caught a bus to Queens. This is Z looking all snooty about walking across the bridge.

Here we are at the beer** garden in Queens. The deuces we are throwing represent that Queens was the second official borough of the day. 25 points.

25 points I say!!!!!!1

We then made our way (via train) to Brooklyn. My friend C was a badass and decorated her entire t-shirt for the occasion along the way. Here is the back. We all signed it, natch.

From Brooklyn, we took the train back to Manhattan to catch the ferry - yes, the fucking ferry - to Staten Island. We ran - and I mean ran - from the subway station to the ferry station. Upon our breathless arrival, Z did this and I caught it on my camera. One word: epic.

Staten Island: the fourth borough, or the fourth circle of hell? You decide.

I got really into it. I'm such a badass y'all!

We were very tired, as it was about 8 p.m. We started at noon, so that's like a full work day.

Back to Manhattan, undoubtedly the best of all possible boroughs. Don't blame me, Voltaire said it! Or stole it from Leibniz, whatevz.

In case you are curious, I lost. I had 155 points, coming in a solid fifth place. The number on my arm says 160 because we miscounted.

Also, this photo is from 2009:

And this one is from 2006:

Some things never change.

*no alcohol was consumed on this day
**totally non-alcoholic


  1. M.

    I feel the need to thank you for placing one more productivity impediment into my daily routine. As if I needed more reason to procrastinate, your blog has provided said reason. This isn't about any specific post, but just the running narrative that is your observations and experiences.

    I know you from college, and acquaintance may even be too strong a word, but we had interaction nonetheless. Your blog and I stumbled upon one another recently, and I was wasting a few minutes so I clicked and perused the contents. It's really weird because I find myself continuing to read. I'm a straight male that lives in Oxford and has no desire for the big city, but of course -- as you know -- your theories and thoughts are universal to life wherever, especially for 20-somethings trying to figure life out and make sense of it all.

    As I read and come back to your offerings, I credit you for supplying myself reason to self-analyze and even learn a few things. I'm discovering we share sentiments on issues, and I should have been more interactive around you. And this isn't a creepy cyber stalker situation. I'm not sitting in a room with your printed out prose hanging on the wall while I smudge on lipstick and stare at Facebook photos. It's a human thing, and I respect your writing and enjoy seeing what you have in store for the day. I'm currently working on a novel (that I know will inevitably suck, but that's ok because I'll just keep writing them), and you're a hell of a cure for writer's block, while also giving me patterns and intricacies to help with character development.

    But I digress. In short, keep doing what you're doing. I'm sure I'm not the demographic the content is geared toward, but I'm still a fan that finds time to see what has been updated. It's a unique perspective, and one I'm glad fell on my computer screen.


  2. C,

    Wow, thanks for your kind words. I wish I knew who you were, so we could exchange friendly writerly e-mails.