Monday, September 21, 2009

Gays on guys

In getting over a breakup, the value of strong friendships cannot be overstated. So far I've had three major breakups in my life, and after each one my friends have played no small role in giving me some perspective, helping me remember how amazing my life is and reminding me of why the breakup happened and why I'm better off without him.

I recently (maybe, sort of, ambiguously, you know how these things are) discovered via the Internet that my ex might be dating someone new. (As a side note, when it comes to relationships with men, this really is the fucking story of my life. If anyone ever writes a biography about me with a young romantic slant, it should just be called Facebook: FUCK YOU SRSLY, or BLOG/HATE.) But I digress. Since I found this nugget of information, my friends have really stepped up to the plate and taken it upon themselves to be there for me, and none more so than BFF Z, who made the following observation about me and my relationships with men. Brace yourself, because this might be the most brillz thing you read all. day. long.

Gchat, on a dark and stormy night (or a sunny Monday morning, whatevz):

Me: I sometimes wonder if my relationship karma is totally fucked
Z: lololz
dramatic much?
Z: You're 23 and you've had three major relationships
Me: This is true
Z: You meet someone you'd be willing to go on a date with more than once a week
Iiiiii think you're doing all right
Just because he found someone first doesnt mean you arent going to.
And guys do that
Me: Yeah
Z: Because guys, and gays, will date - and dance to - anything
You are Beyoncé, and the new girl is that song that we only hear in the gay club: Yeah, I'll dance to it, but it's not that fun. But it's music, so I guess I cant help but dance.
Z: I mean LBO

He also pointed me to this classic clip from SATC, which is epic and will make you cry.

If anyone ever asks why girls need an amazing gay best friend, just send them a link to this post. Here, I'll make it easy for you:

I'm so meta right now.

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