Friday, February 19, 2010

Hellsnow, Washington. Welcome to my blog.

We did it, y'all! The Washington Post did indeed link to me today. For a second I thought the Weather Gang might actually be upset by my fight-picking, but I think all's fair in love and puns. And I think they got the joke.

Welcome to my blog, Washington visitors. Take a snowed off. Have a look around. You might like what you see.

And thanks for visiting!

Oh, and to the guy named Rob who posted the following comment:


Marry me? I'm sort of cute? And at least mildly punny?

I want your bad snowmance.


  1. Be careful, he may answer back! lol.....congrats on getting linked w/The Post...

  2. He might marry you, except that he thinks you're a "he." Haha! Like only men can come up with ridiculously awful puns? :P

  3. Good job M! Cute photos you posted for your commenter...please keep us posted on his reply!

  4. I think that's the ultimate level of accomplishment for any blogger. Well done :)

  5. That is absolutely classic.
    I wish it snowed here!!!!!!!


  6. You are my absolute favorite blogger. 'Grats on being featured in the Washington Post!

  7. That last line literally made me LoL!!! I love that you love GaGa as much as I do.

    congrats! and I am proud to have a southern girl like you reppin for the Big Apple!