Monday, February 1, 2010

A couple pictures of me in a cute hat

Y'all. I have been so, so busy recently, living life in New York and working on a few very exciting new side projects (more to come on these later), that I haven't had much free time to write, because I've been doing exciting things like buying hats on the streets of New York.

Yes, it's true, I bought a new hat. It was $5. I am very excited, because it is very warm. It is knitted and it covers my ears and it is cute. And it was $5. God bless this city.

Plus: it has those tassel things!

It's the little things in life, really. I've been wanting a hat like this since winter began*, and now one is mine. And this blog post is officially over, because it is lame.

*Started fucking my life up, little bastard


  1. I like the hat. I could use one about now.

  2. U look very cute in a hat...a definite hat person...

  3. So cute.

    The fro has made it clear that it will not be stifled by hats.

    It is in super extreme "you should prolly cut me but I'm awesome" mode.

    I'm cold.

  4. that's the cutest $5 hate :D just stopped by to say, im still lurking around because i love your blog. i even have an award to prove it (

  5. Lame, I think not. Very cute pic's in a very cute hat. Does it really count as a hat though..? That is my question.

  6. I am sure any hat would look cute with you under it, but this one really is outstandingly cute (yeah, cute, sweet, whatever).

    Congratulations on being a Blog of Note!