Thursday, February 25, 2010

The question is Admiral Ackbar, and the answer is fuck yes

So, apparently this is happening.

This is the shit. I only wish we could have done something this cool while I was at Ole Miss. The closest we got to such a social coup was when we refused to stop drinking in the Grove no matter what "policy" was instituted by the administration, but that was more second nature than anything else. But actually having hundreds of people sign on in support of having a Star Wars character become the next on-field mascot? Fucking. brilliant.

Zachary brought it to my attention yesterday that a few years back there was an Internet meme in which people added incongruous and therefore humorous captions to photos of Ackbar - not unlike the LOLcat meme with which we are all so familiar - based on his well-known "It's a trap!" scene. Lolzmiral Lolzbar. Examples include:

I decided - inspired by my blog idol Una, who recently posted about her own torrid history with school mascots - to make some of my own Ackbar creations, as a display of my undying support for this cause. I brainstormed phrases Ackbar might say from the sidelines as he shouts down bad calls, cheers for good ones and, LBO, stumbles tipsy on whiskey and coke.* Feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments.

(Bad call)

 (Boring game)

(Bad call)

 (Inappropriately gesturing to the cheerleaders and/or Rebelettes)

(Referencing huge gap in opposing teams defense, obvs)

(Taunting opposing team)

(To Tim Tebow)

*I'm sure it would only be a matter of time before people started openly referring to him as Admiral Drunkbar


  1. I love the taunt phrases! Your alma mater would be foolish not to pick them up.

  2. Too funny!
    It would be so awesome to have a Star Wars character as a school mascot.

    But, *gasp* don't you go insulting Tim Tebow now! Regardless of the fact that I am a University of Florida Gator (I got accepted a few weeks ago!) I have personally met Tim Tebow several times *ahem* and he is one of the nicest and well-mannered jock I know.

    Who says footfall players can't be sensitive?


  3. And ya wonder why people make fun of Mississippi? ;)

  4. I want Zapp's (delicious New Orleans potato chips).

    To drunk student: That's your cap.

    Adm. Drunkbar: I'm gon crap.

    He could play taps!!

    Hate on Japs (get the WWII gen involved?)

    Do laps. Or lapse.

    Wear straps (suspenders).

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