Thursday, February 11, 2010

In which The Washington Post tells me they might link to my blog

So, remember yesterday when I wrote that post about all the terrible snow puns propagated by the people known as the "Capital Weather Gang" over at The Washington Post? Well, I also sent them the following e-mail, because I'm sneaky like that.

Hi Weather Gang,

I'm a blogger based in New York and - inspired by the snowstorm now hitting the city - I wanted to start a fun little fight with you about your puns. You know: snowpocalypse, snomageddon, snomgasm. I feel strongly that while your puns are cute and funny, they lack creativity. I think I have a list of even better puns. Or at least more creative.

If you are so inclined, check 'em out here.

All in good jest. Puns were never meant to be taken seriously.



So then, a few hours later, I get the following response e-mail. Yes, a response. I. know.


Thanks for visiting the Capital Weather Gang blog.  We hope to a fun post on storm names next week (assuming we can fit it in to our mix of content) and may well refer to your blog.  Check back next week...


Capital Weather Gang

You heard it here first, y'all. The Washington Post is telling me they may or may not link to my blog in an upcoming post about storm names. 

So, here's what I want to happen. I already have a list of 15 puns I came up with myself, plus a few amazing ones contributed by y'all in the comments. But I want more. I want to blow The Weather Gang away, like a measly little snowdrift in the wake of a light-speed wind gust. Here's the list so far.

Snowcaine hangover (or "hangsnowver," but that feels a bit forced, no?)
Apocalypse Snow (sorta like the one from the bad list above, but more well thought-out, yes?)
Snowmygod (c/o Jenny Anina)
SNOWMG (Abbrev of Snowmygod, obvs)
You're a blizzard, Flurry
We're off to see the blizzard (the punderful blizzard of blahs)
Firn Gully: The Last Rainsnowrest (Look it up, bitches)
Graupeling with the snowtion
All flurried up with snowhere to go
Snowmena vs. phesnowmena (holler, Kant)
WWSD? (What would Snowbama do?)
Brrrrzie Snowre (What would Snookie do?)
Snow Country for Cold Men (from reader Tocalabocina)
Snowtrocity (from reader soft nonsense) 
Blizzkrieg (from reader Amanda)

Come on y'all. Eat some Wheaties and drink some p(r)un(e) juice and let's show the Weather Gang what we're made of. 


  1. "Oh Snow You Didn't"
    "Nice Snowing You"
    "I Snow What you Did This Winter"
    "Ice to Freeze You Batman" (said in an Arnold voice as Mr Freeze from the super crappy Batman)

    I might have more

  2. Snow Happens
    Weapons of Snow Destruction
    Ms. Olympia Snowe(d) In

  3. Snowmageddon
    Bob and Mr Snow (eh? eh? not a fan of the show?)

    (god i love "snowlocaust")

  4. Oh dear God. Chersnowbyl. YES.

    You're really good at these.

  5. There's Snow Place Like Home.

    It's Snow Picnic.

    Snowcase Snowdown.


    Just Say Snow.

    Point of Snow Return.

    Okay, I think I'm out for now!

    Congrats on potentially being linked to the Washington Post Capital Weather Gang blog - I'm sure it's an honor just to be snowminated?!

  6. Y'all are so awesommmmmmmme.

  7. Snowopoly

    Snowopolis (shout out to Superman!)

    It's The End of The World As We Snow It (old tune and kinda long for a title but what the hell)

    and my personal favorite...

    Snow Me! (new euphemism for the winter!)

  8. Mr. Holland's Snow-pus

    Snow my goodness

    And my fave. . .
    Oh snow you didn't

  9. q: you going to class today?
    a: snowpe

    also, it's snowing in oxford. an interesting spin on the hot toddy that i have created is the snow toddy (i'm a genius):

    some good whiskey
    some honey
    a piece of lemon
    a cup of hot water (made from melted snow!)
    a tea bag (i like the spicy black chai tea)
    a cool cup

    put the honey in the bottom of the cup. set the tea bag in it, the pour the whiskey on top, making sure the tea bag soaks up a lot of it. some people say one oz of whiskey is enough. i disagree. then you pour in the water and drop the lemon slice in there. it's delicious and you know it's made of snow.

    enjoy this southern favorite.

    also, i've been reading your blog since june. sorry for never commenting. i linked to you in mine today.