Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Coversations with Schmom B.: Schpop B. Edition

The following is the rough outline of an actual conversation that took place between Schmom B. and myself. I call her everyday, usually in the evenings; sometimes I talk to Schpop B. as well, but he's often traveling because he's in the military. This last part played a key role in the conversation I had with her a couple days ago, detailed below, while my dad was in Washington, DC.

Me: Hey Moooom.
Schmom B.: Hi, sweetie. How's it goin?
Me: Ohh, you know, it's fine. I'm tired. Getting ready to move, etc.
SB: Very exciting!
Me: Have you heard from dad? I haven't talked to him in a couple days. How's he doing in DC?
SB: (laughing) He's fine. He's been texting me all evening. He's at the vice president's house for a cocktail thing and he's bored.
Me: Oh. Hmmm... the vice president's house?
SB: Yeah.
Me: Like... as in the vice president of the United States? Joe Biden?
SB: Yeah.
M: And he's bored?
SB: Yeah, he texted me a few times. He said he's pretty over it.
M: So he's at the vice president's house, and he told you - via text message - that he's "over it"?
SB: Yeah, he said it's been going on for like five hours and all they have is wine and water and he really wants a beer. I know he's bored because he never really texts me during the day like that.
M: So, just to recap, he's hanging out with the vice president of the United States, he's bored slash over it, and all he really wants is a beer?
SB: (laughing)
M: Yes?
SB: Yep.

The Schfolks rock, no?

Edit: I spoke with Schpop B. the day after the above conversation took place, and he clarified that the event was not in fact "boring," but more of "a pain in the ass."


  1. LMAO! If only the others in Washington took themselves less seriously, things would be a lot better.

  2. Hahaha this reminds me of a girl I work with. She does organizing for a big Democratic group, and she's like always at some boring WHITE HOUSE function she almost FORGOT about. Lolz.

    I should add your dad to my list of random ppl to work into stories since I write about Mr. Important officers these days.

  3. dang, does your dad need a valet? i'd like to accompany him on his trips...

  4. That is an amazing story! I love it! Your Dad sounds awesome. Not only because he wants to drink beer, but because he was invited to hang by the VP.

  5. This made me LOL.

  6. lol this was quite possibly the greatest thing I've read in quite a while :D

  7. I'm totally speechless. I mean, it's not like he's having dinner with Elton John and he's bored, but still! The VP of the US? Not a shabby dinner date!