Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm Audrey, sort of

In lieu of an actual post today, I'm going to share with you what I did this weekend. Oh, get ready, it's thrilling. Friend and Haus member Jenny is currently obsessed with old films, and, feeling inspired by how every frame is in itself a gorgeous photograph, decided to try to re-create scenes from some of her favorites. Naturally she asked me to pose as Audrey Hepburn, because I am clearly known amongst our closest friends as the daintiest and most graceful little flower*. Here are the shots of me, re-created from probably her most fucked up film The Children's Hour, and here's a link to the rest of them. Be sure to comment on her blog if you like them! (And if you don't like them, then fuuuuuck you.)



*Especially when I'm belching


  1. that's awesome! is that the same artist who wants to do the patti smith/mapplethorpe photo?

  2. So cool! Wow, I can't wait to see more. These are great and spot on!

  3. I have to say, that is very creative and very badass. Share more with us from time to time...good change of pace.