Thursday, February 11, 2010

My inaugural word doodle

So I wrote another poem. This time it's very stream of consciousness, first-drafty type writing - sometimes I feel all these mysterious feelings and have all these confusing thoughts bouncing around inside my brain, and the only way I can think to relieve myself is to jam it all out through my fingers. Sort of like creative Tourette's or something. My new blog friend and inspiration Peter calls these word doodles. And since he sort of encouraged me to start posting my own, I don't feel bad about stealing his nomenclature. So there.

when i feel like this
all i can think
to do
is write about it
it's the only thing that
makes sense
to me to
make sense
of it all
the snow is falling
outside my window
and inside
though it is warm
i don't know you
i don't understand you
i just know
head on my pillow
i don't want to be a(nother) cheap thrill for you
i don't want to be seduced
by you
this is so
not like me
i sense i know you
i sense i know things
you don't want me
i can feel them in your voice
you're so quiet
i feel pain
i feel loneliness
i feel animosity?
i feel i don't know what
then when you mmmhmmmmmm
i see light
i see children playing
i hear music
i see a car driving
and a beach
a cliff
windows down wind in hair
a well-placed foot on the dash
(word hangover)
i wake up confused
i should feel happier
i want to know you
to touch you
to make you
but i don't know
what you want
from me
and it makes me


  1. wow, this covers everything in a relationship.... feels very familiar... i can feel the anxiety, worry, angst,tears.